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China has frozen 49 year old patient for the future!

'People are kept shutdown under frozen and get a re-energized after decades' - these tales are found only in the fiction. To make this fiction true scientist are trying for years. Few month ago cryopreservation completed 50 years of its walking on path and recently this technology has gone a step further with the Chinese researchers.

Last Sunday, it is known that China's first cryopreservation was successful in May. And this work is also done without the thoracotomy (cremation). Zhan Wenlian, a 49-year-old woman, is given a cryopreservation. She was a lung cancer patient. On May 8, when he was declared clinically dead, his body was taken to the Medical Laboratory of Inning Biological Group of Shandong.


cryopreservation or cryonics is the technology that can be applied such patient that cannot be treated and cured, hoping that in the future they will be treated for the disease and then they can be saved from the congested condition.

Usually its cost is much higher. Zhan was a medical volunteer of East China. She donated her body to the welfare of science. Her husband, Gui Junpin, and her family arranged for cryopreservation for her body during chemotherapy.

Generally cryopreservation is done only in America and China. Zhan, the first person in China to have a whole body of cryopreservation. Prior to this, the Chinese author Doug Hang's brain is preserved in America's Alcor Life Extension Foundation in 2015.

Experts applied the junk Anticoagulant, Antioxidant and Central Nerve Nutrition injection on her body . Also, measures are taken to maintain its circulatory system and cardiovascular system.
Two years ago, Dr. Aaron Drake was involved in the cryopreservation of Du Hong. He was also present in the field of Zhan, with doctors and specialists from Qilu Hospital of Shandong University of East China.

At first, the body temperature of the Zhan was gradually reduced to 18 degree Celsius. After that, more than 12 hours with their automated system, her body was brought down to 190 degrees Celsius below zero. On May 10, Her body was cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen.

According to one researcher, the cost of this process is 1 million yuan or 150134.37 US Dollar. Along with this, the renewal of fluid nitrogen twice a month will cost more than 50,000 yuan per year. This cost is paid from a foundation of Infeeng biological group.

This technology of cryopreservation makes a lot of controversy in China. Infeeng's director Zia ChunSheng said that human body cryopreservation is still in the laboratory stage, it is unlikely to go on commercial stage like America.

"Mrs Zhan dedicates herself to the cryopreservation research, and her family has been informed about the risk of the process," Zia said.