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Lifehacks: 25 uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is being used in the care of the hair for a long time, have you ever thought that coconut oil can be used in many households? Today we will discuss some magical uses of coconut oil, which will play an important role to ease some complexity of your life. Take a look at the list below.

1. If you do not remove makeup at night it may cause a pimple and some other skin problem. If makeup remover is not available at home you can use coconut oil to remove the makeup.

2. The skin of the nail becomes thick and becomes rustled? Use coconut oil instead of any lotion.

3. It always hard to remove nail polish if applied accidentally on skin beside nails. To fix this problem, apply coconut oil on the skin before using nail polish.

4. By mixing the same amount of coconut oils and antibacterial soaps you can clean your makeup brush makeup brush.

5. Make a natural functional body scab by mixing sugar with coconut oil.

6. Baking soda and cornstarch mixed with coconut oil can be made as natural deodorants at home. Your body will be completely odorless.

7. Solve the problem of lip skin bursting, only using coconut oil.

8. After making makeup, you can easily use coconut oil to highlight the cheekbone.

9. Those who shave unwanted wax without waxing, they can smoothen shavings using coconut oil.

10. The Essential Oil, Shiite Butter mixed with coconut oil can be a great perfumed worm remover.

11. Coconut oil is Very effective to hydrate the skin.

12. Eliminates the dirtiness of hair and coconut oil.

13. Congestion relief cream can be made at home to remove the cuffs on the chest. Mix a half cup of coconut oil, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus Essential Oil together and massage the chest.

14. Coconut oil can be used regularly to clear the scars on the skin.

15. If the hair is tangled will must torn while combing hair. But first, apply coconut oil will help you in removing the tangle without ripping up your hair.

16. For tender soft, slick feet apply coconut oil at night and go to sleep putting on the socks.

17. Not able to wear earrings? Take a little coconut oil; solve the problem in a wink of eye.

18. Make a choice of your favorite color lip-gloss by mixing a little coconut oil with eyeshadow powder.

19. Use coconut oil to make eyebrows dark.

20. Nail Polish bottleā€™s cork glue stuck repeatedly? After using nail polish, put coconut oil besides the cork of the bottle, and do not get stuck.

21. Eyelashed? But the eyes petals also glued? Coconut oil can solve the problem very easily.

22. To remove the inflammation of the eye, put a coconut oil on a cotton pan and keep it cool and refrigerate. Then apply it under the eyes. Resolve the problem.

23. Do not worry if you have lice on the head. Take 8 piece of garlic and make a paste and mix it with coconut oil and apply it on the hair for 30 minutes and wash. Problem solved.

24. Chains have been stuck with bags or clothes? Apply a little coconut oil.

25. If you have a finger ring stuck while removing, Put coconut oil on your finger.

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