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19 Images that went viral over internet

We feel lucky if we can take the snap of a thing when something extraordinary happens in front of us. In this age of internet a lot of images went viral. Here are some good mentions.


1. Nice Ball!

Barack Obama

2. Where are you going?

Buddha Catching Plane

3. I lost my head...


4. Nice Legs

The legs

5. What a Foo

The Clouds

6. Where did it come?

The Crown

7. I am tired

Dog Face


8. Nice Hat

Hat on the Head

9. Nice Dress Mister

Male Head on Female Body

10. Water Blanket

Water Blanket

11. I am naked

Nice Bag

12. Fountain Bear

Fountain Bear

13. Find My Legs

Too Many Legs

14. Oh My Arm

What an arm!!

15. Where are you looking??

Where are you looking huh?

16. My Icecream..

Icecream Snatcher

17. Nice Hip 

Nice Leg

18. Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach

19. Lover Dog

Lover Dog

(All the Images are collected from internet)